Kuranda Industries has been at the forefront of innovation, setting the standard for excellence since its establishment in 1947. With a rich history spanning generations, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible has remained unwavering.

Kuranda Industries Principles

These are the Principles of working with Kuranda Industries it is at the core of our investments and our operations


Ki is a Meritocracy

Success is based on talent, skill, and effort.


Doing Hard Things is Good

Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and progress.


Replace Yourself

Continuously find ways to do better, and let others take your place when they're ready.


Make Profit the Goal

Aim to make money with smart investments.


Execution is Everything

Focus on getting things done effectively and efficiently.


Solve Problems

Approach challenges as opportunities to find solutions.


The Best Part is No Part

Simplify processes and eliminate unnecessary steps.


Think Boldly

Be daring in your ideas and approach to investing.


Fail Quickly

Learn from failures and iterate quickly to improve.


Simplify Everything

Strive for simplicity in your investments and processes.


Kuranda Industries Pty Ltd (KI) was founded by Gordon Withnall in 1947.

KI has been passed down the Withnall generations and is still within the Withnall family.

Since its inception it has been investing in innovation

Gordon Withnall

Gordon Withnall has been investing since he was 12 years old and once Kuranda Industries was founded he ran with it, inventing the following world changing inventions;


The first chicken and turkey, incubator and brooder

Gordon invented the first chicken and turkey, incubators and brooders in Padstow NSW. They were developed throughout the 1950s. 

The Kit Mower

The mowers were sold in the late 1950s throughout Australia. The mower came with a handful of features never seen before such as; fingertip height control, a grass catcher, ‘flush-cutting’ blades and more.

The Super Sopper

The Super Sopper is like a giant rolling sponge which is used world wide at sporting venues to soak up water from grounds so that play can continue. It is used particularly on cricket fields, but is also used on golf greens, tennis courts, racecourses and other sport venues worldwide.


VentureCrowd is an Australian multi asset class crowdfunding platform, including equity crowdfunding, property crowdfunding and debt-based crowdfunding. They’ve raised over $300million in crowdfunding capital.

Oroshiuri Systems is a revolutionary financial product tailored to address the challenges associated with traditional home buying. Recognising the concerns raised by Kuranda Industries analysts regarding the high costs and complexities of purchasing houses, we have innovatively crafted ‘Home Futures’ to offer a more efficient and affordable solution.

FriendFundMe is a fundraising campaign that resonates with your network. Share your story, showcase your passion, and articulate your needs to inspire your friends to contribute and make a meaningful impact on your journey.

YakkaTrakka is dedicated to cultivating a robust foundation of physical fitness, endurance, and coordination among budding rowing athletes. We understand the pivotal role that these attributes play in not only excelling within the sport of rowing but also in fostering lifelong habits of health and wellness.

Nick Wells

Venture Partner

Nick Wells is the former owner of Better Medical, a company he expanded from a single GP clinic to over seventy clinics across Australia. Mr. Wells has an extensive background in management consulting, investment banking, corporate governance, capital markets, and fast-growing businesses.