Kuranda Industries Pty Ltd | Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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Kuranda Industries

Innovating Since 1947

About Us

Who Are We?

Kuranda Industries Pty Ltd (KI) was founded by Gordon Withnall in 1947.

KI has been passed down the Withnall generations and is still within the Withnall family.

Since its inception it has been investing in innovation

Gordon Withnall has been investing since he was 12 years old and once Kuranda Industries was founded he ran with it, inventing the following world changing inventions;


The first chicken and turkey, incubator and brooder

Gordon invented the first chicken and turkey, incubators and brooders in Padstow NSW. They were developed throughout the 1950s. 

The Kit Mower

This mowers were sold in the late 1950s throughout Australia. The mower came with a handful of features never seen before such as; fingertip height control, a grasscatcher, ‘flush-cutting’ blades and more

The Super Sopper

The Super Sopper is like a giant rolling sponge which is used world wide at sporting venues to soak up water from grounds so that play can continue. It is used particularly on cricket fields, but is also used on golf greens, tennis courts, racecourses and other sport venues worldwide.

VentureCrowd is an Australian multi asset class crowdfunding platform, including equity crowdfunding, property crowdfunding and debt-based crowdfunding. They’ve distributed over $20M in returns to investors.

Oroshiuri is the Japanese word for “Wholesale” and that is exactly what Oroshiuri Systems plans to do. Change the housing market with New Homes, No Waste.

Yakka Trakka is a leading coaching company dedicated to the development and success of rowing and rugby athletes. 

Nick Wells

Venture Partner

Nick Wells is the former owner of Better Medical, a company he expanded from a single GP clinic to over seventy clinics across Australia. Mr. Wells has an extensive background in management consulting, investment banking, corporate governance, capital markets, and fast-growing businesses.